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Oct 2014

How Successful Business Owners Manage Money

Of the five key areas involved in running most businesses i.e. your product/service, marketing and sales, operations and finance, human resources and customer service… Finance is probably the one that brings most businesses undone! It’s the one that many business owners avoid because they don’t feel comfortable with it. Here are some tips from successful businesses that we’ve observed over the years: 1. If finance…

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May 2014


Antivirus software is an essential part of any business security strategy. We have recently moved to supporting a powerful antivirus solution that protects your business AND is easy to set-up, easy to use and doesn’t cost the earth. With real time protection it is the best way to stay secure with little effort. Get real-time threat protection against viruses, spyware and other malware. The lightweight…

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Oct 2013

The Internet

A recent survey found that 40% of SMB’s suffered some sort of security breach as a result of employees accidentally or intentionally browsing through websites that host malware, infected downloads, or have been corrupted by malicious software. There are many risks associated with uncontrolled Internet usage. Below you will find a few of them listed. The ultimate question to ask is, “Do I know what…

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Dec 2012

Debtor Reduction Tactics

One of the effects of the GFC was the blow out in debtors’ days and although, according to Dunn and Bradstreet, they have improved slightly in recent times, falling from 56 to around 53, it’s still too high and continues to squeeze the life out of many businesses. Currently over 1000 companies go into external administration every month, which is a significant increase since 2010. …

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