Why Interakt?

  • - Local, friendly staff who love working in IT
  • - Multiple staff members across all systems
  • - Transparent monthly service – reports, detailed tickets
  • - Affordable – the structure of the managed service is designed to look after core network bringing business continuity costs down
  • - Superior solutions – we only use the best hardware, software and systems
  • - Longevity – now in our 10th year our services have stood the test of time

What are your response times?

Requests marked as urgent are dealt with immediately. For standard requests we generally get to them inside 1 hour. As a background to our business structure, we have 5 staff ready to deal with any call, we are located centrally in Brisbane, and we monitor and manage to systems 24x7. This means the majority of issues are dealt with before you even see them. Couple this with the superior solutions of hardware and software we use, the need for emergency reactions is low.

Why should I use your Management and Monitoring service?

Management and monitoring allows us to see issues in real time, perhaps before you even recognise them, and also allows us to assess and predict potential failures. By addressing these proactively rather than reactively, the systems continue to function without the high costs and downtime of system failures. The peace of mind that comes knowing your system is being watched gives you and your staff confidence in the systems you run.

What are some examples of the projects you have managed?

  • Server Upgrades -  server technology has come a long way and harnessing this will give you an IT system that adds value to your business.
  • Branch Locations – If your business is expanding or moving we can manage branch locations as though they were under the same roof.
  • Software and Vendor product acquisitions – Moving to new software or products requires detailed assessment and generally requires a project manager to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Boutique Solutions – Wireless point to point connections, web security filtering and reporting.

What Our Clients Say…

Interakt has been servicing out IT requirements for 10yrs. They have helped our business growth and managed the IT integration of acquisitions made along the way.

Matt and his team have recently installed and implemented a managed server for our business that has not only see huge improvements for the 15 users on staff, but has integrated our satellite factory and all of our computerized production machinery.

Tim Dawson
Managing Director - Natural Ideas and Alumi-Tech