Who has Access to your Server

Do you know who has access to your servers? You may be concerned with people accessing your network from the outside with hackers and viruses etc. But have you considered who can log on to your system without sounding the alarm bells? External consultant’s, your previous IT support account, or employees that have left the business could potentially log on at any time, and it’s worth making sure they can’t.

To make sure your system doesn’t have any ‘leaks’;

– Confirm the users that currently have access to your server. We can provide a list so you can identify any users that have moved on from your business and need their account disable to prevent any further access.

– Identify which consultants you need to have access to your system and for how long. If your consultant only logs when you ask them too, consider having the account disabled until you say they can have access.

– Keep server access up to date. The best way to keep track of who does and who doesn’t have access to your system is to have the account modified as soon as their role changes.

We can help make sure you are in control of your network security. Email support@interakt.net.au if you need a list of users on your server today.

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