Boost your wireless security

Here are some handy tips for home and the office to boost your wireless security.

1. Add some complexity to your credentials.

Make sure you change the default login and password on your wireless network.

3. Operate in anonymity

There’s no rule that says you must broadcast your wireless network’s name, also known as the service set identifier (SSID). The SSID is what mobile users see when searching for networks. Disabling transmission of the SSID, for folks old enough to remember, is akin to keeping your home telephone number out of the phone book.

4. Flip the wireless security switch.

It may sound silly, but make sure your wireless network security is turned on. The recommended level of security is 802.1X authentication, which is stronger than common consumer-grade approaches.

5. Avoid the “all-for-one” mentality.

The mantra is excellent for team sports. But in wireless security, using the same username and password for the websites you visit can backfire if those credentials are cracked in a hack. Do yourself a favor and mix it up.

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